Also see the "Calendar Page" on the SCV Web site for other events in Fayetteville and surrounding
.  Also check the Fayette Co. Museum web site, link on our main page.

Architectural Alphabet ;  From A  to  Z  there are photos and artifacts that show many of the
elements of design and structure for buildings. We have such a wealth of built environment here
in Fayette County we are celebrating all those small and interesting elements that make each
style so special. Learn what famous architect had a hand if remodeling of a local home. See one
exisiting element. See the size of an antique key, nails hand crafted and used in the building of
our Courthouse, photos of such unususal elements as Sawtooth or and Oriel window.  Come in
and see what wonderful parts create our beautiful vintage buildings. Can be seen at the Historical
Society Museum

Holliday Dorsey Fife Museum
New exhibit at the H-D-F House Museum
"Hats Off to You" is a display of vintage headwear from the 1860's to the 1960's. Special
features are a feather cloche from the 1920's, a military hat pin collection, beaver top hats, a
1950's Fedora, photos of local residents wearing the head fashions of years gone by. Ever
wonder who started the John Audubon Society and why ?? Well the display has the answer ! So,
come by and take a look. Hat lovers should really like and appreciate this exhibit. See ya there...

Our next meeting will be March 16, at 3pm
at the Fayette Co. Historical Society Research Center, located behind the American Legion log
cabin, downtown Fayetteville Judge Thompson will be the speaker

Aprils meeting will be the 27th this year because of other activities going on the 3ed Sunday
Speaker will be announced. That will also be the weekend for the Court House Spring events
that are held every year.

April Meeting: April 27, Sunday at 3 pm.

Speaker will be Larry Dell, former Fayetteville City Councilman, Vietnam Veteran, and was
instrumental in setting up a Fayette County Veterans Memorial at Patriot Park in fayetteville.
We will see ya then.........CB