The Victorian Mourning Rites and Rituals exhibit will be up until the first of Nov. We have
three vintage mourning gowns on display in the upstairs bedroom that belonged to local ladies. Also there
are two lovely vintage capes and a lovely little sweater. In the changing exhibit room there are three
vintage mourning bodices. I have a beautiful 1860's reproduction gown in the parlor room that is complete
with Chatelaine. In the small exhibit case there are a number of vintage jewelry pieces including hair
brooches, jet beads and Gutta Purcha. There is also the reproduction of Scarlet's "Widow's Weeds" in the
GWTW room. In the Victorian era mourning had a set of strict rules regarding the acknowledgement of
death. We have information posted to outline these many rules. This  exhibit will be up till the end of Oct.
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The Fayetteville Cemetery Walk, held Saturday, 22ed,  2011
was a great success as well as a pleasure to witness.
Everyone in period clothing stood beside the graves of the persons they were to represent and gave a short
talk on that person from Fayettes history. The walk had its strongest impact as it became dark. Seeing the  
guides with lanterns walking the paths guiding people to each "ghostly exhibit" through out the cemetery

The Holliday-Dorsey-Fife  House  Museum in conjunction with the Fayette Co. Historical Society presents a
special fund raising event for the Fayette Co. Museum. John Lynch hosted the event. 35 people attended.
Herb Bridges, an authority on Gone With the Wind collectibles,  spoke on Gone with the Wind, specifically on
Margaret Mitchell and how she came to write the famous novel. Herb is the largest collector of GWTW
memorabilia around.
He has written several books, and did appraisals on any editions of GWTW by audience.

The museum had "Celtic Ties" musical group, playing Celtic music.  Scott Gilbert was there (dressed as an Irish
Confederate) to share with anyone some Irish /Confederate history. click photos to enlarge
Audience at premier of GWTW
at the Lowe's Theater in Atlanta.
Crowd in front of Lowe's Theater
for premier
Fayette Co. Museum
The follow up to the talk on Margaret Mitchell was
held at the Fayette museum. An Irish Theme was
noted. Mayor Ken Steele, and wife, were in
CEMETERY WALK 2012, What a sight as "Spirit Guides" escorted persons through the
cemetery at night with only the glow of latterns to guide them, to ghostly figues of
Fayettes past.
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